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The shady business and lavish life of Sheiman's entourage


Who runs the remaining private schools in Belarus?

Avoiding sanctions: How European trucks get to Russia via Belarus

What one of Belarus' most successful businessmen, Aliaksei Zhukau, is hiding

How St. Elisabeth Convent turned into a real business holding company

Our team

Aliaksandr Yarashevich
Volha Ratmirava
Aliaksei Karpeka

About us

Buro Media is a team of Belarusian investigative journalists. We expose those who abuse money and power to the detriment of society. Our investigations of corruption and other violations of law are part of our mission to make a difference.


We document the facts of bribery, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, nepotism, sanctions evasion, human rights violations, and other illegal activities in a broad spectrum of fields, including but not limited to economics, education, politics, and medicine.


We have conducted multiple high-profile investigations, collaborating with partners from numerous countries such as the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), The Guardian (UK), Siena (Lithuania), Re:Baltica (Latvia), Delfi (Estonia), Front Story (Poland), Armando.Info (Venezuela), and Dossier (Austria), among others. Our investigators worked on the most massive offshore data leak, the Pandora Papers. The investigations carried out by us won accolades at the Volnaje Slova competition and were selected as finalists for the esteemed European IJ4EU Impact Award.


Our investigations had real-life consequences: European leaders enforced sanctions, and law enforcement officials initiated inspections and criminal investigations. They also led to a reversal of the public procurement results and the resumption of life-saving surgeries in regular hospitals.



This opens up even more opportunities for us to cooperate internationally

The revenue figure is in the tens of thousands of dollars per annum

A company linked to Lukashenko's family is making money out of radio broadcasting in Belarus.